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Latest tracks

  • Jeremy Greysmark - Faceless
  • RT - UNICRON (Original Mix)
  • Critical Taste - Cluster
  • Markus Hakala - Unbreakable (Original Mix)
  • NIKELODEON - The End Of Time (Original Mix)


Competition winners for best UK producers are:

Welcome to EDMCentral.fm

Yes, we're back!

After closing the station back in October 2014, we're back with a new twist. This time we're concentrating mainly on producers, instead of broadcasting DJ's sets 24 hours a day, we will be broadcasting tracks that have been unsigned to a label to give producers some air time. Saying that, we're not scrapping the idea of having DJ's on the station all together. We will have special events throughout the year where specially selected DJ's can show off their talents to the world on our radio stream.

We're here for you, producers!

Using our easy to use system, you can upload your unsigned tracks to our station and if it passes our standards, it will be broadcasted on our radio stream for the world to hear for free. Also, in the future, we will be setting up a method for you to sell your tracks on our website where you will get 66% of the revenue from the tracks being sold due to not having to pay out label fees. We will also be running a top 20 chart show every month which will be broadcasted on the radio stream, and the top 5 tracks will be featured for the whole month at the top of every single page on the website gaining you even more possibilities of revenue.